Written by Susie Herrick and Elle Luna

This is a story about two roads — Should and Must. It’s a pep talk for anyone who’s chosen Should for far too long — months, years, maybe a lifetime — and feels like it’s about time they gave Must a shot

There are two paths in life: Should and Must. We arrive at this crossroads over and over again. And each time, we get to choose.

Over the past year I’ve chosen Must again and again. And it was petrifying. And at times it was dark. But I would never, ever…

Snippets of English and
unusual lighting and peculiar routing and
things on shelves that you assumed should be in refrigerators and
things in refrigerators that you didn’t know could be sold in a store—
like dog meat and
unpasteurized yogurt and
bottles without labels—
JASMINE scribbled in black ballpoint pen.
And you buy it. With the unrefrigerated eggs.
And that enchanting pink fruit that you hope is fruit.
And when you check out, your items are carefully wrapped
in thin brown paper and
given green plastic straps and
you get on your scooter
two bags on the left shoulder, two bags on the right
and you take off for the house
past the sleepy man and his tank of ruffa fish and
his handwritten sign: Fish Pedicure.

“I’ve been wanting to read that book,” he says
“It’s incredible,” I tell him.

I write his name on the receipt
He carries the pot of coffee loosely
I know that I’ll probably forget to send him the book later
But in this moment I believe I might
CLYDE. in blue ink. JUST KIDS…


Meet one of the most talented, passionate guys I know. He’s fearless, he’s fabulous, and he’s five.

“Have you ever made a mistake while painting?” he asked.

“Yes. Always. Everything you see around you is a mistake.”

“Wow. Really? Mistakes are so beautiful! Let’s go paint a billion million mistakes!”

I’m in Kona, Hawaii. On The Big Island (Big? Yesterday I drove 45 minutes and reached the other side of The Big Island and it all seemed rather small to me).

I’ve got room 1127 for the week, and my screen door is wide open — broken, rather. But open…

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