You created a throwaway account to kick people when they are down.

No one is kicking her when she is down. People are making an example for others who may read her post and feel hopeless. There are things you can do to avoid being in her situation. The first is to pick a profession that has a decent job outlook. Media has a very poor job outlook, in many parts of the industry they are actually cutting jobs. A 3% job outlook is very poor compared to other industries with 10+%, this is something that should be researched before attending school and picking a profession. Talia would be better off to become a teacher,as she mentions in her letter, because there is a better job outlook. It may not be her dream job but at least it is a steady job and a living, she could work on her dream job on the side.

Secondly, she could room with someone, maybe a coworker, or she could look for rentals with roomies. This would save her rent. It may not be ideal or what she dreamed of as a little kid (and it sounds like she’s really unwilling to sacrifice much of what she wants to get better in the long-run), but it will help her until Yelp could have promoted her to do what she wanted or she could build up the experience to get the job she wants with another company.

I’m not sure what Talia expected, taking a customer service position as an entry level worker. $733 every two weeks net, after taxes and benefits taken out (wait, her job actually offers benefits??) isn’t actually too bad as a first job. I made $5 an hour at my first job (am I kicking too hard?).

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