by Melanie Fellay, CEO & Co-founder, Spekit

“The only thing that is constant is change” — Hericlatus

This age-old philosophical quote holds important meaning for me. The first time I heard it was as a teenager fighting my family’s move across the Atlantic. But now, as I’ve grown in my career, it’s taken on a different kind of significance. Observing several organizations transition to remote and SaaS-led workplaces, I can’t help but think of this quote — and it leads me to a burning question I can’t get out of my head:

If change is constantly happening across an organization’s processes and applications, why hasn’t someone made…

Despite all the pomp and circumstance in the marketing technology space, forms are still the gold standard when it comes to collecting customer information on your website.

They’re versatile. You can use them for lead generation, customer feedback, market research, or simply to let your visitors contact you.

They’re prototypical. Users, at this point, know how to fill out a form. It’s a technology they know, trust and expect to have available.

You’ll find dozens of solutions out there for form builders. How do you know which is the right one for your website? Well, that depends on your specific…

Customer health looks different for every company and customer. Do your successful users log in daily, use key product features, make repeat purchases or refer others?

It’s difficult to define the makeup of healthy and at-risk customers without the ability to compare their behavior against others.

Woopra’s newest addition to People Reports, People Metrics, allow you to answer these questions and more. Any action you’re tracking can be calculated across users to identify new prospects, rockstars or at-risk users.

Quickly answer questions such as:

  • Which users are testing my newest product feature?
  • Who is visiting my mobile app the most?

Sync Intercom engagement data with Woopra to optimize marketing, sales and support efforts across all customer touchpoints

Research firm McKinsey found, “56% of all customer interactions occur during a multi-event, multi-channel journey.” These journeys are, “30–40% more predictive of customer satisfaction and churn and organizations that analyze the customer journey win in customer experience and growth.”

As businesses become more focused on optimizing the total customer experience, uniting each interaction users have with your company is a fundamental step toward this objective.

At Woopra, we understand that the concept of unified customer data sounds great but is often incredibly difficult to achieve. To help with this, we continually add new one-click integrations to our integrations suite

“Customer experience is the last source of sustainable differentiation and the new competitive battleground.” — Tiffani Bova, Gartner Vice President and Distinguished Analyst.

A statement that’s easy to agree with but varies in its application. After all, what does it mean to be customer-centric? What weapons can you bring to this battlefield? In a world fueled by data, so powerful that it can make or break a company, I believe that it has the potential to act as the ultimate ammunition for achieving customer-centricity.

Is Data Integration a Necessity?

Three years ago, Forrester reported that by 2016, the average company would be using 66 different…

It’s Here! Enrich Woopra Customer Profiles with Clearbit Data for Next-Level Insight

Clearbit is an industry-leading data enrichment tool, so it made perfect sense to partner up for our next AppConnect integration. Right now, Woopra automatically syncs any visitor data points you’re tracking and appends these events, in real-time, to the Woopra Customer Profile. This usually includes details such as name, location, email address and so on. But, what about the information you’re not collecting? How can you learn more about the users engaging with your brand, without the pain of lengthy forms, surveys or questionnaires? …

It’s that time again! We’re proud to release our most recent AppConnect integrations: Salesforce Pardot, a B2B marketing automation platform, and Microsoft Dynamics 365, a CRM solution for sales and customer success teams.

Here at Woopra, we never stop thinking about how we can consolidate and centralize customer data across industry-leading tools and platforms. So, we’ve made it our top priority to integrate with best-in-class solutions for seamless integration in AppConnect. We have many more in the pipeline so stay tuned for updates!

The Salesforce Pardot Integration

The Salesforce Pardot AppConnect integration empowers you and your team to use Woopra’s powerful customer segmentation to…

We’re proud to welcome Drift to our growing suite of Woopra AppConnect integration partners. Drift is a messaging application that makes it easy for marketing and sales teams to chat with website prospects, boost conversions and maintain customer happiness.

With this integration, Woopra users can analyze essential Drift engagement data, without ever leaving the Woopra platform. You can also begin to trigger highly targeted messaging using any combination of demographic, technographic, firmographic and behavioral data housed within Woopra.

By installing the one-click integration, you can begin tracking Drift events such as when users:

  • Start a Drift Conversation
  • Send or Receive…

Plenty of analytics solutions offer some form of a Schema, a structure that brings together your data and organizes it for use. But, not all Schemas are cut from the same cloth! We built the Woopra Schema with several unique features that add another level of power, flexibility and customizability.

If you’re comparing solutions, or just getting started in your Woopra setup, it’s helpful to understand what differentiates the Woopra Schema from the rest and how to personalize it to meet your specific business needs!

An Introduction to Schemas

The Woopra Schema makes it easy for the entire organization to know what data is…

At Woopra, we believe that data consolidation is one of the first steps to building better customer experiences. In light of this, we’re welcoming two new integrations this week to the growing list of Woopra partners in AppConnect: Bellgram and Delighted!

Leverage Phone Call Data in Woopra with Bellgram

How do phone calls impact revenue? How many customers make a call to your team prior to purchasing? Are certain support team members better at handling customer calls than others? Find all of this out, and more, with the Woopra + Bellgram integration!

Bellgram is a cloud-based, intelligent business phone system that brings phone call and text message data…

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