Governor Research

The governor of Texas is Greg Abbott, he is married to Cecilia Abbott. He has been the governor since 2015. He is the 48th Governor of Texas. Abbott is a Republican. In 1984 Abbot was his by a while he was out jogging by a tree and has made him disabled which he now needs a wheelchair to move around.

Abbott was born in Wichita Falls on November 13, 1957 than moved to Duncanville to be raised. He attended and graduated from The University of Texas with a B.B.A in finance in 1981. Than went on to get his law degree at Vanderbilt in 1984, than shortly got into the jogging accident which wheelchair bound him.

Greg Abbott served on the Texas Supreme Court as a Justice, as well as State District Court in Harris County. He was also the longest-serving Attorney General in Texas. While not running for president, Abbott did endorse Ted Cruz for President of the United States.

Abbott’s view for Texas is to be stronger than before. He is very focused on creating jobs and providing Texans work to be able to provide for themselves and their families. Abbott is very passionate about strengthening the schools and educational system in Texas. Abbott was a strong leader in the illegal immigrants issue in Texas. He wrote a letter to “sanctuary cities” which does not ask about ones immigrant statues. Abbott thinks those kind of cities are a danger to Texas, if not America, because it promotes illegals to stay and not try for citizenship. While it protects them it is also harms Texas. Probably one of the least surprising acts that Abbott opposed was Obama’s healthcare reform. Because of a “back door deal” made with Nebraska, Abbott had concerns about ethicalness of the reform, but also the legal measures needed to be changed with the reform.

While Abbott understands it is Washington that is corrupt and broken, he is focused on making Texas a strong leader to keep the shared values in place like faith, family and freedom, to show the way for future generations to come.

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