Should We All Start Businesses in Small Towns?
Nicole Dieker

Eh. I think it’s a rare place where this can actually work, especially if you’re starting something hipstery like in the article. I grew up in a pretty small town that was almost all white, all Republican people. Of course I am generalizing here, but the overall atmosphere was that people cared only about getting athletic scholarships for their kids, paying the least they possibly could in taxes, going on all-inclusive vacations where they let their daughters get cornrows, and how to finance their new snowmobile. When I was a kid my mom was part of a short lived effort to get some town money to pave a bike path and from the town’s reaction you’d think they were trying to start a socialist revolution. The state rep who said Hillary deserves to face a firing squad is from my town, if that tells you anything.

I think part of the problem is that very few people actually work in the town, it’s very much a bedroom community. People like their bubbles. Small b2C businesses like the ones in this article never last in my town and I’ve begun to think it’s because nobody gives a shit. We still don’t have a bike path.

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