I didn’t have a registry, and as a result I got three picnic baskets, because apparently that is…
Romie Stott

I guess I’m maybe in the minority, but I think if you’re having a large-ish wedding with multi-generational family, you should just suck it up and make a registry. There are plenty of people who will want to buy an actual gift. Make a small one if you want, and let your organized aunts and grandmas get first dibs. Then of course you’ll get cash or weird pottery or picnic baskets from everyone who procrastinated, plus you’ll get a discount on any of the random things that are left on the registry. I think people who snark on registries neglect that plenty of people actually enjoy shopping for and giving gifts! (I definitely do, although I am also a procrastinator and end up writing a check in the car on the way to the wedding more often than I would like)

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