Shelling Out for a Dashing Dorm
Ester Bloom

My freshman year I lived in a built-up triple in a massive dorm that was built to accommodate the influx of people going to college on the GI bill after Vietnam (always supposed to be temporary, actually had holes drilled into the concrete intended to hold sticks of dynamite for demolition). It was a total dump, but it was almost all freshmen, coed, right in the middle of campus. It was an awesome place to be eighteen.

My mom bought me a few basics: shower caddy, bedding set, lamp, hamper etc. from Target but I was definitely on my own for decor — I bought $5 album frames from the bookstore and decorated with my dad’s old album covers, and stuck up a whole bunch of snapshots from high school with that awful waxy stuff that wasn’t supposed to stain but definitely did. This was 2008 so I obviously had a “HOPE” poster and several smarmy liberal bumper stickers on my bulletin board.

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