Monday Check In!
Ester Bloom

“No silver bullet for self-pity like being nice to someone else” is a good motto for my weekend too. Major job/February- related blahs going on but this weekend was a wonderful antidote. Friday: Went shopping after work to make a care package of treats and books for my sister, who is crushing her last semester of college despite constantly getting sick ($30). Went to a fantastic concert with husband and two friends (bought the tickets months ago), had burgers and beers beforehand ($40) and more beers after ($15). $10 Uber home. Saturday: Went to a lovely party where our favorite couple-friends announced to our whole crew that they are having a baby! We impulsively stopped beforehand and got them a Ninja blender as a housewarming gift (we were supposed to bring ours for margarita purposes but just got them a new one instead). So that was $106 we weren’t planning on, but money very well spent. Saturday night I had dinner with two friends I had not seen in ages, which was excellent ($40). Sunday was for sleeping, going to the gym, a small grocery shopping ($37), and cooking food for the week. Made a big chili, muffins, and homemade yogurt (first time trying it, it came out really good!) So….$278 for the weekend, all very restorative and worth it.

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