How I see it, it really comes down to scale.

This is huge. I currently work at a nonprofit — I’m trying to leave this particular one, but I want to stay in the sector. Prior to this I was working at a marketing agency where leaving at 8 or 9 p.m. was normal and working until 1 a.m. was not unheard of. And yeah, we had free food and beer, but by the time I left I was burnt out and miserable, getting sick constantly. Today I’m almost strictly 9–5, with the occasional weekend event. I’ve been able to volunteer and take grad classes, and nobody gives me shit if I need to go to an appointment or duck out an hour early on Friday. I could talk about dysfunction in the nonprofit sector for days, but in my experience the more established ones do a pretty great job at work-life balance, probably because they recognize the point someone made here — if you can’t compete on salary, you better compete on everything else.

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