Passing The Hat To Attend Friends’ Weddings
Jackie Strawbridge

We as a culture need to get together and kill the expensive out of town bachelorette party. In the words of Miranda Hobbes, “It’s your day. You get a *day.*”

I have never skipped a wedding for money reasons, but I imagine that would be really tough. I love my friends and love celebrating their weddings, a lot! But I have politely but definitively declined invites to showers and especially spendy bachelorette parties, because they’re expensive and usually not fun. (If you feel guilty, take the bride out for a nice dinner or something! You can do something celebratory and nice that will cost a fraction of a trip to Vegas, plus you can celebrate in a way that is true to your friendship, rather than with a hokey, weird cultural construction involving plastic genitalia).

Send a gift, never look back.