Z-Lasik at Manrique Custom Vision

What is Z-Lasik ?

LASIK surgery is one of the most common forms for vision correction available today. Patients suffering from common eye problems found in adults, such as astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness have Z-LASIK, a result of recent technological advances. Not only is Z-LASIK less invasive, the recovery period is shorter.Manrique Custom Vision Center provide Z-lasik service.
Our Blade-Free Z-Lasik procedure is a vast improvement over traditional methods of laser vision correction–it combines all of the latest LASIK technology in one efficient LASIK procedure. Using the WaveLight® EX500, Dr. Manrique can identify and treat unique imperfections in your vision that can elude standard technology.

Benefits of Blade-free Z-Lasik:
are ‘bladeless’ which reduces the risks of certain complications and speeds up the recovery time. It is quick, painless and safe.
You can have clear, natural vision
Z-Lasik is a lower cost so it is affordable to everyone
No hassle of glasses and contacts
Z-Lasik laser emits ultra-short pulses which speed up the procedure which means minimal side effects

Z-Lasik eye surgery process
Z-LASIK is a blade-free laser treatment.It is used to make a highly precise, thin tissue fold on the most shallow layer of the cornea. This strategy allows your specialist to correct any irregularities in the layers of cells inside the cornea. These irregularities result in an adjustment in the point of convergence on the back of the retina, which negatively impacts your eye health and vision. This issue is commonly settled by reshaping the corneal stroma, which is situated in the second layer of cells.

Amid the system, a ultra-thin fold is made on the surface of the cornea by applying millions of tiny laser spots. Once the fold is made, your specialist utilizes an excimer laser to expel layers of individual cells in the corneal stroma inside seconds. At the point when the reshaping is finished, the tissue fold is gently placed back over the area, leaving this outer layer of the cornea untouched.The laser treatment lasts on the average between 10–15 seconds per eye. In all, your Z-Lasik procedure takes less than a minute to do both eyes.