Rise Up: What the Super Bowl Means to Those Who Call Atlanta Home

NFC Championship at The Georgia Dome

Over the last couple weeks, I have noticed how frequently people have been saying “in brotherhood.” I didn’t fully understand the significance of this statement until today. “The brotherhood” of Atlanta has become extremely real to me as I have noticed Atlanta’s anticipation and excitement for Sunday’s Super Bowl game build more and more the closer it gets. Even the Atlanta residents who are not the slightest football fans feel the emotion behind the hype of this Super Bowl because the feeling is contagious, spreading like a disease.

Since the NFC Championship game, I see people wearing Falcon’s jerseys and apparel everywhere I go. I notice people who I know have no interest in football at all, and people I know have followed the team since day one, all proudly representing the Falcons. That is what makes this experience so incredible. Whether you are a football fan or not, the Falcons have brought the city of Atlanta together more than I’ve ever seen before.

As I think about the Super Bowl game about to take place this weekend, I consider the possibility of the Falcons winning the Vince Lombardi Trophy for the first time in their history. I think about being a part of that moment, and I acknowledge all the feelings that come with even the thought of that possibility. I can already see the swarms of fans that will crowd the downtown streets, the packs of people that will flood local businesses to watch the game, and the excitement that has already set the city on fire. It is something I have not been able to take my mind off of.

If you really let the reality of it sink in a second, you may have this same realization. Our generation is witnessing our Atlanta Falcons compete in the Super Bowl. Not since 1998, when the Falcons lost to the Broncos in Super Bowl XXXIII have the Falcons had this opportunity. A majority of teams in the NFL never have this opportunity. Regardless of the outcome this Sunday, because we call Atlanta our home, we are a part of this history in the making.

Through football, Atlanta has become one group of people with the same faith in the Falcons football team. Rise up Atlanta, this is our time.