“15 Quotes” made by: Susan Bucher, BSN: Founder of the CPTwomen

#2 ~ Regarding Texas, “Tubal Sterilization” (Tubal ligation, Essure, filshie clips, etc,…), Ovarian Function and “Informed Consent”

“NO ONE is informed of the risk of losing ovarian function… NOT in Texas, NOT anywhere” !!!
~ Susan Bucher, BSN

“15 Quotes”made by: Susan Bucher, BSN

Founder of the CPTwomen

On the topic of PTLS, Female Sterilization, Essure, Tubal ligation, filshie clips, Ovabloc, ovarian isolation, informed consent…

Quote #1

Regarding ovarian health and hormone health after tubal ligation and sterilization:

“Ovarian Isolation” (caused by tubal ligation). This graphic shows one of Susan’s ovaries from before and after her tubal ligation. Some women will not be affected. Some women will have 1 ovary affected. In Susan’s case her tubal ligation affected both ovaries and she became surgically menopausal.

Just because ovaries are present after tubal ligation and after all female sterilizations (Essure, filshie clips, salpingectomy, etc.), and in the case of hysterectomy with ovarian conservation/preservation does NOT mean the ovaries will continue to function as before.

After these surgeries it is important that women regularly monitor their hormone levels. If it is found that ovarian function is decreased or lost there are treatments which can help a woman’s overall short term and long term health. ~ Susan Bucher, BSN, RN

A decrease in anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) can be caused by increasing age, obesity, chemotherapy/radiation, hysterectomy and by “tubal sterilization”.
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Quote #2

Regarding Texas, “Tubal Sterilization” (Essure, Filshie Clips, Tubal Ligation, PTLS, Ovarian Function and “Informed Consent”:

In Texas, informed consent for “tubal sterilization” is listed on their “A” list which “requires full and specific disclosure”.

click image for more information — see pages 40 thru 42

The required disclosure for tubal sterilization are:
 A — Injury to the bowel and/or bladder
 B — Sterility
 C — Failure to obtain fertility
 D — Failure to obtain sterility
 E — Loss of ovarian functions or hormone production from ovary(ies).

These disclosures are NOT printed on the informed consent, but left to the “contractors” (OBGYNs) who perform the procedure to disclosure to the women. This creates a conflict of interest for these doctors who are governed by and operate under a code of silence. In Texas women are NOT informed of the risk of “losing ovarian function”.

“NO ONE is informed of the risk of losing ovarian function… NOT in Texas, NOT anywhere”!!! ~ Susan Bucher, BSN

If you were NOT informed of this risk before your “tubal sterilization” then YOU ARE a victim of “BATTERY”. ~ Susan Bucher, BSN

Quote #3

Regarding the need for tubal sterilization informed consent law… and criminal batteries occurring in women’s health care.

Until law is created to protect women that ensures all the known and possible risks of female sterilization is disclosed at the time of consent, ALL women who are sterilized are (and will be) a victim of battery. ~ Susan Bucher, BSN

Sterilized women who suffered “untold side effects” are urged to take ACTION and file criminal actions

Women have a right to be protected and a right to report to the authorities when a crime has been committed. ~ Susan Bucher, BSN

When mayhem and battery occur in the medical setting many believe the criminal law system is the more appropriate law system to report and file charges.

Quote #4

It’s impossible to regret a decision when information was intently withheld from you and you were not given the information in order base your decision.

There is a word for this, but the word is NOT “regret”.

~ Susan Bucher, BSN

Quote # 5

Regarding how women often are not told in advance (or afterwards) that the medical device known as “filshie clips” will be (or were) placed.

(It is) a criminal act of battery when the (filshie clip) device is placed without the woman’s consent or knowledge. ~Susan Bucher, BSN

“Even more disturbing is the fact that it is commonplace for gynecological devices, primarily the Filshie clip, to be placed in women without their knowledge.” ~ SJB

Quote #6

Regarding “Crimes of Omissions”…

When it is understood that negative information regarding sterilization is routinely and systemically withheld in order to compel women to undergo (any type of) sterilization it becomes evident that all consents are given under false pretenses.

Quote #7

Regarding the doctors (ACOG/OBGYNs) who commits these “sterilization crimes” against women:

It isn’t Conceptus, Bayer or the FDA who physically inserts the Essure medical devise into women (or performs tubal ligations), but ACOG OBGYNs. It is they who were (are) directly involved in the consent / research / development / performing / followup / reporting of… procedures/studies.


The United States does not have a public state mandated “one child policy” such as China does where authorities raid homes of women and force sterilization, abortion, and torture. In the U.S. the policy is covert, governed by a “code of silence” and the family planning police is our trusted OBGYN’s.

It is OBGYNs who commit “sterilization crimes” and batteries by withholding information knowingly then perform the sterilizations. ~ SJB

Quote #8

Regarding Essure, informed consent, the FDA, and the Nuremberg Code of law.

In reviewing the Nuremberg Code and what has occurred with the creation, development, research study/testing, and marketing of Essure, one sees many violations which requires the FDA to take immediate action to correct.

Quote #9

Regarding the long term health outcomes of women who lose ovarian function when young.

The Sequelae (long term) of Female Castration:

Young women who have had their ovaries removed or rendered nonfunctional due to ovarian isolation are seven times more likely to develop coronary heart disease and much more likely to develop bone problems at an early age than women who move into menopause naturally. The loss of ovarian function and hormones early in life can be even more damaging then post tubal syndromes immediate effects of dysfunctional uterine bleeding disorders (DUB) and other sudden symptoms.

Serious long-term consequences of female castration include:

Women are commonly given misinformation that their ovaries (and hormone health) will continue to function as normal after a tubal ligation. It is true that for some women their ovaries will continue to function as before, but for many one or both ovaries will fail due to the blood supply being affected and the ovaries becoming isolated from their blood supply.

For a doctor to state to a woman with absolute authority that her health will remain the same and that her ovarian function will in no way be affected is making a false claim because it is impossible for anyone to predict what any one woman’s outcome will be after a sterilization. ~ Susan Bucher, BSN

Quote #10

Regarding how NOT hormone testing post sterilized women relates to more crimes of battery…

The only way to know if a woman has a hormonal imbalance is to be hormone tested. If hormones are needed, other hormone treatments are more appropriate and safer then the pill. The ACOG and all OBGYNs know this. The birth control pill is designed for young women with normal hormone production (and normal hormone levels) to prevent pregnancy…. NOT as hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for a woman depleted of hormones. Taking the birth control pill puts a women at risk of stroking out. This risk increases with age, smoking, and high blood pressure. Hormonal IUDs also carry risks such as heavy bleeding, severe cramping and vaginal inflammation.

If a post sterilized woman is suffering from loss of ovarian function (loss of hormones), an OBGYN not hormone testing , not diagnosing, and not giving appropriate treatment (all which are omissions) can cause the woman to suffer longer and to have her condition progress, deteriorate, and worsen… this is another battery and a form of physical imprisonment. ~ Susan Bucher, BSN

Quote #11

Regarding “late sequelae”…

When discussing post sterilization syndrome, post tubal ligation syndrome (PTLS), and implant syndrome (caused by a medical device implanted for the purpose of female sterilization), what we are discussing in medical terms is the “late sequelae” (sequela) of female sterilization. ~ SJB

Sequela (or sequelae [plural]) (noun) is defined as a morbid (not healthy or normal) pathological condition resulting from (a consequence of) a prior disease, injury, attack, trauma, therapy, or event. In the case of female sterilization the injury/therapy/event is the process of occluding, clamping, burning, or removal of the fallopian tubes. The late sequelae effects (known as post sterilization syndrome) can manifest months or even years after the event.

Quote #12

Regarding the “Cycle of Abuse” that surround tubal ligation and female sterilization:

The ACOG and their OBGYN members know that when tubal ligation surgeries and ESSURE sterilizations are performed that many of the women will be returning for second and third surgeries such as ablations, D&C’s (dilation and curettage) and hysterectomies because of side effects from the sterilization. The very same organization/obgyn doctors that withheld the information and profited by doing so then go on to profit again from the original consumer fraud. Women are not informed at the time of their sterilization that the surgery or essure device could create such conditions that would necessitate such treatments. Women are told at the time of these second and third surgical procedures that their sterilization had in no way caused their health condition that necessitated such radical procedures.

This creates a cycle of abuse. ~ Susan Bucher, BSN

Quote #13

Regarding how women after tubal ligation and female sterilization are wrongly put on the “Pill”…

Not only can the pill be very dangerous, it may actually cause dysfunctional uterine bleeding to worsen which can lead her more quickly in the direction to a surgical cure (hysterectomy) to her condition. This is all part of the cycle of abuse (along with the code of silence) which surrounds sterilization.

Quote #14

Regarding “history” repeating itself…

Quote #15

The CPTwomen is NOT anti-tubal ~ Susan Bucher, BSN

We believe that tubal ligations should be made a choice to women as a form of birth control but with FULL consent. ~ Susan Bucher, BSN

What we are is anti-doctors/ACOG/the medical community withholding information from women in order to force consent. ~ Susan Bucher, BSN

Information is withheld to persuade women to make the decision that the doctor wants them to make. Withholding information such as this from women at the time of consent is an intentional fraud. Doctors and organizations who state there are no side effects to tubal ligation are committing intentional fraud and misrepresentation.

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