“She’s not even that fat!” But I am.
Your Fat Friend

I found your essays through a friend who is struggling with post-menopausal weight gain. I am skinny and have always been disciplined about food and diet, but mostly I’m lucky: I inherited my skinnyness. I am one of those people who judge others’ bodies based on how they look. It made me feel superior to know that I could control my weight, and others evidently did not even try hard enough. I began reading these because I don’t like my judgmental superiority, and I am working on developing compassion and extending it to everyone, especially in places where I have been dismissive and judgmental all my life. You have a special talent for telling us what you think and feel without lecturing or pointing fingers. You’re modeling how we should behave in response. Thank you for these essays, and thanks for being (unwittingly) an important part of my own re-calibration and self-discipline, learning to let things be instead of trying to make them the way I want them to be.

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