Seconds is a bit of an exaggeration, but we’ve made it possible to build a full Slack app in less than an hour. You can jump right in (limited number of accounts available — if the link has expired, click here to join the waitlist.)

How? Our very first package.

We’ve created and released a set of functions to make the best possible Slack API experience. No more writing an OAuth implementation from scratch — it’s just one line, and you can see it working right away.

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Here’s a peek under the hood:

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Everything else is just as easy:

  • Trigger /commands to an API endpoint just by configuring in Slack
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  • @mention a bot and process the payload…

Remember the Magic 8 Ball? Apparently not all of you do, including my colleagues.

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To correct this injustice, I decided to make a modern version in Slack in Dark.

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A Magic Eight ball has 20 answers to your yes-or-no questions. You shake it, and it tells you the important answers to your burning life questions. “Magic Eight Ball, will it snow on Christmas?”

Let’s build one in Slack.

Dark reduces infrastructure complexity to the primary elements of a backend: API endpoints, Workers, Cron (scheduled jobs), tools, and datastores. …

We’ve just released a demo video of Dark. The demo is building out an office sign in application. You choose who you’re visiting (a host) and sign in with your name.

I highly recommend watching the video instead of reading this.

But… since the video moves quickly, we wanted to provide an easier way to see what’s going on. Also some people (*cough* me) won’t watch the video no matter how many times you tell them it’s useful.

Hello World

Before I get started in any new language, I like to make sure I’ve got the basics (like a hello world).

Let’s start by setting up a “hello world” JSON API in less than ten…


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