Questions I want to ask a experienced designer

I will meet a really experienced designer tomorrow, someone I really admired, someone that can really think through all the surface and dive deep into the essential patterns.

Well, as a junior designer who just finished one internship at a hot startup in San Francisco and just started another internship as a product designer in Seattle, there are some questions I would like to ask.

How to make a design unique?

The more I dig into the design world, the more confused I am. I feel the design I made can be reproduced by anyone who has some experience in UX design and understands some basic UX principles. How to make a design unique?

What makes you remember a designer?

Designers go and come. Companies are working hard to get good designers and retain talents. As a team leader, what quality is that you are looking for from a designer and what makes you remember them for a long time.

What is design exactly?

After the internship at Databricks, I started to question myself of the nature of design. I feel it is more like a social activity rather than a hard-skill required “thing”. As a designer, we need to deal with people around the company whoever has a say to the interface. Especially in tech company, engineers have a great deal to talk on their experience and want to push their ideas into the design. Opinions from CEO and high-level people are also need to consider. Sometimes I feel that the people who have great communicating skills may win the battle, not the design that makes most sense. Persuasion is everywhere.

What is a good starting point for a junior designer?

A mature in-house design team with limited design flexibility or a small team but inspire a lot of creativity. A company with a more potential future but a “just ok” design team or a company the future is unclear but with a really nice team to work with? I know there can be both, but just a lot of times, it is not that ideal.

What is the special quality for a data product designer?

I’d like to call myself as a data product designer cuz I am really into data product. All the visualizations, grid make me feel excited and have a willing to communicate them in a clear way. Besides passion, what else need for a data product designer to have compared with other general UX designers. Is it too narrowed to regard oneself as a data product designer or designer in general?

If you have any answers for these questions. Leave your comment and let’s discuss more. I think these are some common questions for a lot of junior designers who just come into the field.

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