Six Reasons Typewriters Are Better Than Computers

Aug 1, 2018 · 4 min read

After the birth of the computers, typewriters seem like a thing of the past. Majority of the world’s population has abandoned the old ways and embraced the magnificent wonders of the new age. Computers clearly dominate many lives; add that with the surge of the internet, and everything can be done with a single type and click. It is like a God-given gift, right?

But a minority will respectfully disagree. When it comes to writers, the tool is not merely a means to an end. What they use to write or to type the words matters. In the popular debate between the merits of computers and typewriters, which do you think wins?

There are many reasons typewriters can do better than computers. Here are some of them.

Typewriters Force Thinking

When all you have in front of you is a tool to write your thoughts with, you will be forced to think, ponder, and contemplate. The urge to check other people’s work and do a comparison can be easily avoided.

Remember that typewriters don’t have arrow keys. That means you will be able to focus on coming up with linear and coherent strings of thoughts, and you will be forced to be careful and deliberate when you’re typing each word and each sentence, as there’s no Undo button, only the choice of starting over with a new sheet of paper.

They Foster Creativity

Imagination plays a big role into writing, but computers tend to kill it. There are just too many distractions in that machine that you will be multitasking the whole time, switching from tab to tab. Worse, you can be easily exposed to many different inspirations that you will kill off that one bright idea because you doubt yourself and think it is not good enough.

The copy-and-paste option on computers is convenient, but it hinders you from knowing how a particular idea could have turned out had you let it blossom. With typewriters, you will be left with your own imagination, and you write without deleting a word or sentence you do not like. Sometimes, you will find that they work. Other times, it is a good experiment that can lead you to more ideas.

They Conserve Energy

This is no rocket science. Good, old typewriters do not require electricity. You can cut down on energy by turning to typewriters. It is also comforting to remember that, when worse comes to worst, you can go on writing. Power outages and damage to electrical lines will not be able to stop you from typing away.

They Hinder Hacking

Some writers guard their works with their lives. Computers are not fully secure as they are susceptible through hacking. There are many cases where authors’ unfinished works were accessed by determined individuals.

Keeping the progress of your manuscript as secret is easier if you are using a typewriter. It will be harder for thieves to physically steal what you have written.

They Are Cool

Some people may see them as outdated, but actually typing in one will transform the way you look at typewriters. There is something satisfying with the way the keys sound with every tap of your fingers.

If you want to know how authors of the past, like Ernest Hemingway and L. Frank Baum, wrote their most famous works, then choosing a typewriter on your writing journey can be interesting, not to mention satisfying.

They Are Valuable

Typewriters have a vintage appeal. Their value rises as time goes by. Some people even put up their typewriters in auctions as they are considered as collectibles. Tom Hanks actually owns more than a hundred of them. Some manual typewriters can be sold for thousands of dollars. All in all, they are a good investment.

But if you are not the kind who fancies a traditional typewriter, however, a new invention may be more to your liking. Smart electronic typewriters give you the chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of today’s outside world to write anywhere. These hybrid word processors can save your files locally and, at the same time, have cloud connectivity, so you need not worry about recovering your files.

Does It Really Matter?

There are endless reasons typewriters can be downright appealing to many writers. The fascination isn’t going away just yet. In fact, it is getting more popular now that the current generation has rediscovered its charms.

The most important thing, though, is not the tool that you use but the way you use it. So go on; write with enthusiasm and passion. Write with all your heart.

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