Karnes Detention Center Journal: Day 6

Day 6: July 6, 2018 (Friday)

I didn’t expect for this week to fly by. Ten hour days of hearing horrific accounts from desperate, terrified women was overwhelming, but it was empowering to be able to help them. This was grueling, heart-wrenching work, but I actually feel like I helped these women and their children.

The RAICES attorney at the center today said that they don’t routinely have volunteers on Fridays. A few of us wanted to work on Friday, so there was a small group of us. It was somewhat slow until about 4 pm, and we were told that there were more than a dozen women who needed to prep for their CFI interviews scheduled for Monday, so we got to work. I spoke to probably my most clear-cut case for asylum today: a woman who had suffered persecution at home because of a political affiliation. The rest of the women I spoke to usually fell into the “particular social group” category, which is much more subjective and difficult to prove.