I am a political animal, as anyone who follows my [personal, as opposed to fan] Facebook page will tell you. Truthfully, before this election, I was optimistic about the future of this country and our place on the global stage. Globally, the challenges are staggering, but the USA has always been a leader when it comes to identifying, and then finding solutions to, the very big problems we share with the rest of the world.

However, I underestimated the residual hatred of “others” festering just beneath the surface of my progressive belief in forward movement. Not elsewhere, but here at home. As most of my liberal brethren will likely agree, I watched the rise of Donald Trump at first with dismissiveness, then with a certain fascination, and now with nothing less than disgust that a broad swath of this country chants oaths to a demagogue who represents the absolute worst of the collective American psyche.

My Facebook posts are filled with reasons to vote for Clinton, or at the very least not to vote for Trump. Because, as a popular author, I have a large newsfeed in and out, I am often confronted by rightest trolls who have three things to say. 1. Emails. 2. Benghazi. 3. She’s a liar. That all three talking points have been debated, investigated, re-investigated, and finally dismissed, over and over again, means zip to those who have nothing more concrete to say than, “She lies,” and then repeat, “She lies.”

Not debating truthfulness in politicians, although if you can’t see the difference between anything Hillary Clinton says, with decades of public service beneath her belt, as compared to a billionaire bully who can barely put a sentence together, it really doesn’t matter.

The choice in November is simple. If you believe, as our Constitution guarantees, that every American, regardless of color, gender, sexual identity or religion, should be afforded EQUAL RIGHTS, you must vote blue. And if you believe in forward movement, as time and information dictates, you must vote blue.

And if you’re still voting red, we’re going to win, anyway. Young people, gay people, minorities, and non-Christians will turn out at the polls, with the support of millions of straight, old, white Christians (male and female) who believe in equal rights for all. And that’s what really scares you. Isn’t it?

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