A Supportive Voice

If you’re reading this, I have put up my second post on Medium! Yay. It is still a thing that is big and scary for me, but today I received some advice and support from a lovely person I’ve known since school and am now in contact with via Facebook. She offered me some luck, advice and empathy which was much needed and valued. Thanks Bec!

Speaking of supportive voices, I’m sure you well know that today is Mother’s Day. Happy Day to all the Mums out there!

I spoke to my Mum on the phone today as she is up in Broome (North of Western Australia). She sounds like she is having fun, which is great – you deserve it Mum. Somewhat fun, anyway.

She said it is beautiful up there, but because of the dry season there is lots of midgies and mosquitoes. They have been terribly bitten as they were unprepared, but how were they to know? Recover well Mum and remember, “Don’t scratch!” By the way Mum, U+nothing=AWESOMENESS. Love you!

Question for the day: What will I write about here on Medium?

I can’t wait for us both to find out! 😄

Love, Light and Luck,

Ellen J

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