My Tips and Tricks To Feel Better In No Time.

Recently, I have been feeling a large loss in motivation. This usually happens every year around this time as the weather starts to cool down, the semester is well underway, and my immune system starts to shut down. I get sick more than the usual human who has nothing seriously wrong with them. For some reason, my body just does not block out even the smallest of viruses. Because I am a college student I rarely have the time to go to the doctor so the cheapest brand of knock-off NyQuil is my best friend. Another way I start to feel a little better is watching my favorite musicals, listening to unbeatable movie soundtracks, and taking a bubble bath. Netflix is full of perfect movies with wonderful soundtracks and when I’m not feeling well on a Friday night, that is my go-to. Some of my favorites include, The Last Five Years (perfect blend of happy and sad), Across the Universe (who can resist the Beatles??), and Breakfast at Tiffany’s (one of my all-time favorites, I want to be Holly Golightly and sing Moon River on my fire escape.) As we are heading into finals week and finally Christmas break, be sure to start your Netflix free month trial and check out the different sections they have to offer to choose the best movies to watch laying on your couch, soaking in a bath, or cuddling with your pets.

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