Walking The Florida Georgia Line

It happened. I went to a country music concert. Let me tell you, it was both exactly what I was expecting but I really enjoyed it. I was nervous at first, but it ended up being a blast. I was in the “nose bleeds”, second from the last row in Well’s Fargo Arena, however, that made it even better. I went with 3 of my cousins and the second we walked in we were ready to go. The first band comes on and I had absolutely no idea who they were, couldn’t really understand what they were saying but the crowd in the front was going crazy. I googled who they were (The Cadillac Three) and I realized I wasn’t missing much. Their main focus was saying they were here to get drunk with all the hot women in the front, specifically one sexy blonde in the front row. Luckily, their set only lasted 4 songs. The next act Cole Swindell (who judged the Miss America pageant) was much more fun. He wasn’t so much focused on the good looking people in the crowd, rather playing his music — -which I didn’t hate — — and getting everyone’s energy up. After he built the crowd up, I was worried that Florida Georgia Line would take forever to come onstage, however, it was about a 15 minute set change (enough for me to get a hot dog). Everyone in the nose-bleed section was ready to go. Let me tell you, country music lovers, love to drink. It is not just a stigma like I thought it might be. Florida Georgia Line was absolutely amazing. They had high energy through their entire set and walked through the crowd (with security behind them) swiftly. In the middle of their set they stopped to take an acoustic break and invited Cole Swindell back onstage to sing with them around a campfire, which I thought was great. Their encore was one of my favorite parts singing their now well-known Backstreet Boys remix along with other 90’s pop song renditions like House of Pain’s “Jump Around”, Nelly’s “Country Grammar”, and much more. Even though I have always said I was not a country music girl, I honestly think that my opinion has changed, I might be a grunge girl with some country tendencies.

My wonderful cousin and I ready to get our country on!
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