What Do You Do When You’re Too Poor For Live Music??

I can never resist a concert, however, I am not dumb and know that I will never be able to hit every concert I want to go to that comes to town. Not only does my bank account have $12 in it, I don’t have the time. However, I still hate missing out on a killer show. Here are my tips for never missing a show.

  1. BUDGET. If you know there is a show coming up, sacrifice a night of going out to dinner, or drinks, or going to see that movie in theatres. Instead, cook dinner at home or go to a happy hour, wait for the movie to come out in Redbox or on Netflix, or just have a chill night at home.
  2. PLAN AHEAD. See that your band just released a new album? You guessed it, they are going on tour. Has it been 10 years since your favorite band from middle school released their major smash album? They are probably going on a reunion tour. In order to stay ahead of the game, follow music magazines on Facebook or Twitter, they will always announce who is where, what they are doing, and when they are doing it. That way you can plan your weekend get away to see your favorite band far in advance and save up for those tickets.
  3. DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE NOSE-BLEEDS. Just because they are your favorite group, doesn’t mean you need to spend $300 just to see the sweat dripping from your face. (Sidenote: if you can afford that, I’m jealous, and please buy those front row tickets). However, if you are not in the means but really can’t miss this concert, go for $20 back row tickets. The people in the back are still there to enjoy the concert and just because you are far away doesn’t mean the band is going to be less amazing.
  4. DON’T JUST BUY THE FIRST TICKETS YOU SEE. Believe it or not, some ticket companies are more expensive than others. Shop around a little bit. I always start by checking the band’s website for tickets, they usually work with the same ticket company every time, so clearly they are trustworthy. Next, look at the venue the concert will be at and see what ticket company they work with. Finally, if all else fails, ticket master usually never does.

If you just really need a live show in your system, look at smaller venues. Just because you don’t know who the group is doesn’t mean they will be bad. You can always find a show around Des Moines for $8 or less and usually they are local bands just getting their start. Don’t discount the newbies, live music is live music.


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