New Year. New Me.

It’s the same bullshit every January. People make promises to themselves they just can’t or don’t want to keep. Like most of you I fail every year to get in shape before summer, to eat healthier or drink less. So this year I only have one New Year’s resolution and this blog is made to see to it. Because aside from the fact that I could definitely benefit from more exercise instead of extra fries, there is something that I find much more problematic, namely my scrolling addiction, or smartphone addiction, if that’s how you would rather call it.

I wake up with my phone, I go to sleep with my phone. It’s like my phone is glued to my hand, something my other half isn’t very fond of (he’s probably just jealous). You could say that, in the digital focused time we live in, this is not such a bad thing. And yes I agree, there are worse habits or addictions, but over the last few weeks I started noticing things. I started noticing how often I need to recharge my phone, how I have the urge to check for notifications every other minute and how nervous I get when I can’t locate my phone right away. There’s a big chance this sounds familiar to you. In that case: join the club, you nomophobe*!

Aside from all the negative side effects of being on your phone 24/7, like dislocation anxiety, disrupted sleep and even nerve damage, the thing that bothers me the most is admitting that I depend on my phone like it’s my second nature. I don’t like the fact that a shitty piece of technology controls my daily routine as much as my phone does. I believe some detoxing is in order, before someone (probably my other half) ships me off to smartphone rehab.

I have to admit that I’m not really looking forward to giving up my phone, so like in real rehab, I‘m going to do it step by step. Feel free to join me, if you’re up for it. Here’s the plan:

Curious to see who I deleted, unsubscribed and unfriended? Check back on Friday, January 20th for my second blogpost.

*A person who panics when he or she misplaces their phone