Phone Detox Week Six: The recordbreaking pigeon.

No social media for an entire day. The thought of it alone made me shiver. And that’s exactly the reason I started this challenge. I depend way more on social media than I should. I decided to ditch social media for an entire day on Sunday since that day is usually filled with me doing my postponed homework and hanging on the couch for some Netflix and chill (watching ‘How I met your mother’ episodes for the third time to be precise).

To make it easier, I switched off all notifications for every social media app I have on my smartphone, as well as on my laptop. It went way better than I expected but then at 10p.m., two hours before the deadline, it all started to go wrong. I was busy planning a trip to Disneyland. So I wanted to link some info about the possible dates to my other half and then it occurred to me. How do you quickly copy-paste a link to someone without social media? The answer is simple: you fucking can’t. You can send an e-mail of course, but then you also have to text the person you’ve send it to. Because who (of our age) checks their e-mails on a regular basis? Especially on a Sunday? The answer is simple: no one does. So instead of e-mailing and texting back and forth, I yielded and opened Facebook to instant message my Disney dates.

Since I failed I thought it would only be right to try again and not use social media for 24 hours straight. This time I was definitely going to make it! School started and I decided to make Thursday my anti-social day. When I arrived at school, I started experiencing some difficulties. I couldn’t check the task arrangement for one of my school projects since it was posted in our Facebook-group. For another school project, I had to ask the phone number of a team member so I could reach her to know where we would meet to discuss our group’s progress later that afternoon, which we usually discuss over Facebook.

When I took the train back home I had over 40 minutes of time to fill with anything but social media. I didn’t have a book with me, nor my headphones. So, I re-read the ‘Metro’ for the second time that day. Which I consider not to be a complete waste of time, since I’m participating in a quiz in about two weeks. Plus, I also know now that Golden Prince, a Belgian pigeon, is on his way to break the record of most expensive pigeon ever which is set at 310.00 euros (I’m really hoping that will be a question on the quiz).

Golden Prince

Later that night, I realized I didn’t know at what time I had to be at school the next day. As you can probably already guess the timetable was posted in one of my school groups. So I stayed up until 00.01a.m, to check and set my alarm. After setting my alarm, I checked all my notifications, Instagram feed and new Snapchat stories. Which was actually quite fun because there were so many new updates I could see all at once!

I’ll definitely cut down on all the time I spend on social media but I also realize that I will never be able to completely live without it. I won’t be using social media that much next week since I have to shut down my smartphone for an entire day. Check back on Friday 3rd March to read about my last detox week!

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