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I was in Istanbul when the coup occurred. The day of the attack, before it happened, one Kurd told me that all of the incidents in Turkey had been orchestrated by Erdogan in an attempt to justify a totalitarian-style regime. He had predicted the next incident to happen “within a month, no more than two.” The coup transpired about 6 hours later.

The day after the attack, I had four completely unrelated conversations (two with Kurds and two with Turks) about the coup. In each conversation I was told that the coup, and indeed all of the recent incidents in Turkey, had been orchestrated by Erdogan; followed by a somewhat overlapping list of inconsistencies in what was being reported in the news.

Edward Snowden woke us all up to the reality that we have virtually no idea what governments do behind the scenes, so likely no one will ever know the real truth.

But it does appear as though the “Man On The Street” in Istanbul believes that Erdogan is systematically working toward a totalitarian-style regime.

Erdogan’s post-coup actions seem to support that theory.

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