An Open Letter to our Republican Members of Congress

We believe in you.

We believe that you would not have spent this much time, effort and passion to lead this country unless you love this country.

We believe you care about truth even when it’s inconvenient. We believe you care about democracy even when it elects people whose policies you oppose. We believe you support the U.S. Constitution and the rights and freedoms it guarantees to every American even if you sometimes disagree about how the language of the document should be read.

We believe you want our children to be safe, regardless of their religions or the color of their skin or their disabilities or the political affiliation of their parents. We believe that you understand why the DOJ has “justice” in its name, that you will stand with us against the hate that is rising in our communities, and that you will help us to keep it from spilling over into violence. We believe you want our children to have access to an education that will let them achieve their goals. We believe you want our children to breathe air that won’t destroy their lungs, drink water that won’t poison them, and inherit a planet that remains capable of supporting life for their lifetimes and beyond. We believe you want our economy to prosper. And we believe you want our country to continue to be a shining example for the world.

We know you are alarmed, as we are, about the disdain of our new president for facts and intelligence briefings and the intelligence agencies on which he will need to rely to steer our country for the next four years. About his conflicts of interest that are unknown and the possibility that he is beholden to foreign countries. About his intended political appointments of people who have expressed open contempt for the missions of the agencies and departments they would run, missions that include the enforcement of laws that you, our members of Congress, have made. About his exercises of executive power that are inconsistent with our laws — your laws — and our Constitution.

The world is changing. Our country is changing. But it is still, fundamentally, a place of decency, compassion, freedom and hope.

Freedom cannot survive in darkness. Be the light we need. Seek truth. Ask the hard questions, even if you’re afraid of the answers. Stand for what is right, not what is expedient. Recognize that our country and our way of life are at stake. Build a wall . . . against injustice, oppression and greed. Protect our children. Stay strong. Make us proud to be Americans.

We believe in you.

Ellen Marks

Ellen Frank

Jane Lassar

Elizabeth Salinas-Strittmatter

Anne Zasloff

on behalf of Team Purple: A bipartisan advocacy group for our people, our democracy and our planet