The Extraordinary Case of Mr Yamazaki
Solomon Kingsnorth

Ha! I think you’re on to something….you had me until I read that “ each class gets one day per half term in the high tech computing suite” with Ipads, etc…. I think what is happening at our schools (at least in the US) with technology is irresponsible and frightening. Young students beginning in Kindergarten are taught to use (rely on) ipads, laptops and control the mouse. Every parent should complain to the teachers and administration about the immersion of kids in tech at school. NONE of our children need more screen time, especially at school. It’s an excuse and copout for schools to rely on tech to teach our kids nowadays. The constant testing online for even our little ones is the excuse our teacher gave me. Our children will not love to learn via the screen, or develop the critical learning and study skills, and self discipline in front of a screen. This grand experiment will fail us. Time to look for other school options…

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