Stop Yelling About What Poor People Eat
Chris Newman

I live in the city, I’m white, poor, disable and wish I had the energy to grow my own food, as I did years ago, before I got ill. Sill if I had access to land that I could use to grow a food co-op with the help of my neighbors, I would jump in to at least weed and water the crops. Here in Baltimore, the city is having to replace trees along the road way. Just wish they would plant fruit trees that could supply us with fresh fruit, free for the picking. While I can use my SNAP benefits to buy food at farmer markets, I often don’t have the energy to travel there by bus and walk from stall to stall. Just depending on friends and family to help me shop out in the country at the closest supermarket is near impossible, so my landlord does my shopping for me. Sadly I no longer can cook myself meals that take time and effort, so when he won’t be home, he makes sure I have frozen dinners to microwave. I’m luky to have grown up in a family that value fresh food, but many of my neighbors wouldn’t know how to cook from scratch a full meal.

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