Two Kinds of Truth — and why it’s important to know the difference

Truth is one of those words that can get people unhinged. Some deny its existence completely, others claim a monopolistic access to it, others create their own with every passing day, and some believe that to talk about it is hateful. The difficulty with discussing this important concept is that we forget there are two kinds of truth: truth that changes, and truth that doesn’t.

For example, if I say on Monday, “Vanilla is my favorite ice cream flavor”, it’s the truth. It’s a fact. However, if on Tuesday I sample dark chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream for the first time, I might proclaim, “Dark chocolate raspberry truffle is my favorite ice cream flavor”, and THAT would be the truth. Fact. That’s the kind of truth I can change. The truth about how I think of things. I can also alter some facts much like I can rearrange the furniture (e.g. the chair was in the living room — FACT; now, it’s in the kitchen — FACT).

There is also truth I cannot change. For example, gravity. If I say I don’t like it or I don’t believe in it, I will still splat if I jump off a cliff.

Notice that I can change certain facts, but unchangeable truth changes me. Hence the effect on me when I encounter an object at high speeds.

So, the truth I can change, I can create. The truth I can’t change, I can discover. Life is for both creation and discovery.