Risks and Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Millions of people are hospitalised annually due to horseback riding injuries. Accidents are inevitable while enjoying most sports but horse riding does not just cause trivial injuries but can also cause serious injuries that can lead to permanent disabilities. Horse riding carries a higher injury rate than motorcycle riding and the reason is simple- Horses are living beings with a mind of their own and can decide to act stubborn and throw off a rider or not follow the rider’s commands whereas a motorbike is just a machine and simply follows the instructions of the rider and does what it is asked to do-accelerate, slow down or halt.

Injuries from horse riding generally occur at the wrist, elbow, shoulder, knee, ankle, foot. If you think riding is the main cause of injuries, you are in for a shock. Many injuries occur while handling the horse at the stable, while grooming it or while feeding it. Olympic dressage rider Courtney King-Dye, fractured her skull in a fall from a horse. Courtney was among the most popular riders on the dressage circuit. Despite being an elegant rider she is in coma because she was not wearing a helmet when she took the fall. The accident happened when she was showing prospective buyers a horse on her farm. The horse seemed to trip over itself, and Courtney hit the ground.

Amateur riders should not attempt jumps and daredevil acts or stunts while on a horse as there are infinite chances of things going wrong and the rider toppling off from the horse and experiencing a fatal blow to his head or chest. In Fact, experts should refrain from stunts too unless they are fully equipped and geared up with the right horse riding gear that are of high quality and well-known brands that are known for providing safety to the wearers. Hästbiten Ridsport AB is a well-known equestrian store in Sweden that ensures their supplies come from high quality brands that are not just fashion based but safety based and cares for the welfare of the rider or wearer.

Though it is a good idea for parents to introduce their small children to the horses from an early age so as to avoid discomfort at a later stage, it is absolutely foolishness to leave the kids around horses without any adult supervision. Many accidents occur because of defective equipment that have been provided to them such as saddle, girth, bridle and reins. So many times riders fall off a horse because their girth has not been fastened properly. Sometimes injuries occur because of riding on a very unsuitable rough surface. Sometimes riders are injured due to no fault of their own but merely because the horse is not in a good temperament on that particular day. Some accidents occur due to poor leadership. Mastering the art of handling the horse in a way that it is neither stressful for the horse to follow the commands of the rider or for the rider to get his commands followed, is an achievement in itself.