Dear Brainwashers:

ellen rhymes
Jul 7 · 1 min read

Brainwashers in the churches,
brainwashers in the schools,
making worship into mockery
& students into fools,

brainwashers in the Bible Belt,
brainwashers on the coasts,
brainwashers taking dollars,
brainwashers taking votes —

you’re all the same, brainwashers!
You think you’re slick & sly,
but I can see right through your
grand disguises to
your lies,
& I see how you falsify
your sympathetic cries —
it’s not hard when your crying eyes
look like a crocodile’s!

You think you’re safe, established
& looked up to by the youth?

You stick out like sore thumbs above
the flat, plain truth,
& already, your time’s run out —

you’re only still around
because what goes up
comes down
& you’re speeding toward the ground

ellen rhymes

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