The No. 1 Predictor Of Career Success According To Network Science
Michael Simmons

Great read and interesting research.

Creative people naturally know that feeling of not quite ever fitting in with any group. Any attempt to conform or hide parts of themselves suppresses the flow of energy that is necessary for imagination and innovation.

We thirst and hunger for stimulating experiences which leads us to seek out people and places different from ourselves and what we already know. We are often “emotionally unemployable” in the traditional workplace because we upset the applecart in our desire and efforts to do and view things differently to collectively achieve something greater.

Corporate “everyone needs to get along” and “don’t offend” cultures are a prison sentence for such visionaries. Even worse is the education system which has many of these brilliant minds being medicated beginning in elementary school. Collegiate level education no longer provides an environment for young minds to bring forth amazing disruptive ingenuity.

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone of this mindset though many flounder for a while and eventually end up there. Much like Steve Jobs, we intuitively recruit an opposite though equally valuable partner or team of such people around us. These are people who “get us” and they don’t dismiss the quirkiness, even questionable psychological steadiness, while understanding a certainty that is within. They recognize having no-fences can lead to rough terrain and at times a treacherous ride. It is a beautiful synergy when these prodigious pairings happen.

No doubt in due time someone like Steve Jobs will partner up with the likes of a Steve Wozniack to shake up education and cause a shift in the corporate landscape that will initially be seen as an excrescence then eventually accepted as an inestimable, powerful byproduct of their sagacity.

Hopeful that you will continue to learn more and write on this fascinating subject.

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