Good Friday.

Holy Saturday.

Easter Sunday.

Holy Saturday, the day that our Savior was in the tomb. Can you imagine what the disciples were thinking on Holy Saturday? Is he really coming back? Will it really be tomorrow? Why did our Teacher have to die?

Saturday was a day of uncertainty and a day of waiting.

For the past couple of years, I have felt like I was living my entire life in the unrest of Holy Saturday. I have been ridden with anxiety, lost in depression, and drowning in the uncertainty of my future. I was living in Saturday, because I didn’t trust Jesus to rise again on Sunday.

Friends, we do not have to live in Saturday. In Christ and through Christ we are saved, we are resurrected, we are free. We have a hope for tomorrow. We don’t have to live in Saturday because Jesus already rose again to give us Sunday. He didn’t promise us that Sunday would be rainbows and butterflies, but he did promise that there would be a Sunday. He promised us that Saturday was not forever.

Our lives are lived in the tension of the already and not yet — through Jesus, we have seen a glimpse of the kingdom of heaven, but we know that it has not yet come. It is for this reason that we must continue to press on and live in the midst of the tension. We must remember Holy Saturday with awe and reverence, but we must also live freely in the grace and mercy of Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday was made for us.

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