I call this The Michigan Effect.
What makes a great story
Michelle Richmond

I think you are 90% right here, having grown up in MI and frequented many a lake house, (though I have yet to set a story in one, once wrote about thinking about thinking about a lake house..) 10% incorrect in that a “Michigan lake house” isn’t synonymous with privilege. A LAKE MICHIGAN house is, but many, many people own small cottages on inland Michigan lakes (of which there are a bazillion, thank you glaciers) and these lake houses are small, smelly, dank, full of fishing tackle, card games and, if you’re lucky, the keys to a pontoon boat that was crafted before the war. Which war? Does anyone know? No, but there’s is a guy out back with a tattoo who could tell you. His name is Amos. I digress, these lake houses were the only summer vacation you ever got and not privileged (though you never knew that as a kid (the other thing my non-lake house story is about)). So my point is this; if anyone wants to write about THOSE lake houses, they should, there is much unexplored about true Michigan lake houses.

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