Your Purse Has Too Many Pancakes in It

And other wisdom from a 3-year-old

Photo by nikldn on Unsplash

My son announced a few weeks ago that he had too many pancakes in his purse. He was pretending to make pancakes and stuffing them into an old purse I gave him to play with.

And then it dawned on me — maybe I have too many pancakes in my metaphorical “purse”. I started to wonder what other wisdom I could derive from his quirky and imaginative little mind.

So I present to you the following invaluable wisdom from the mouth of a little boy on a quest to make sense of the world (as interpreted by his student, yours truly.)

Your Purse Has Too Many Pancakes in It

First, consider what type of pancakes your purse (or man bag) contains and whether they are worthy of space in your purse.

If your purse is too stuffed with pancakes, take a step back. What kind of pancakes are these? Are they fluffy and delicious and topped with maple syrup? Or are you just eating rubbery, cold pancakes straight from the refrigerator because you didn’t feel like heating them up? (In case you’re wondering, I’ve never done this. Not even one time.)

The Lesson: Life is short. Make sure you fill your purse with pancakes that delight your soul. And if you are ridiculously busy, perhaps its time to throw some of those pancakes away (or feed them to the dog).

Someone Ate Your New Cousin

We told our little guy that he had a new cousin on the way and explained that the baby was growing in his auntie’s tummy. After a moment of contemplation, he deduced: “Auntie ate my new cousin!”

The Lesson: I’m sure you are aware of the perils of jumping to conclusions. It’s best not to assume that someone ate your new cousin when in fact, he is actually growing in utero as nature intended. Also, as per our old friend Ockham and his trusty razor, the simplest explanation is usually correct.

Your Toes Won’t Stop Wiggling

One day when I asked my son why he was crying he told me that it was because his toes wouldn’t stop wiggling. When asked why he didn’t just stop wiggling them, he said: “I can’t!”

The Lesson: You have more control than you think. If you have some wiggling toes of your own, ask yourself what you can do to make them stop, then devise a plan to accomplish your goal.

Photo by Ari Sherbill on Unsplash

If You’re a Good Boy (or Girl) at the Haircut Place, You’ll Get a Sucker

My son, like most children, is motivated by rewards — especially sugar. Yellow sugar to be exact. If he sits still and says thank you after the lucky Great Clips employee finishes shearing his head, he gets a pineapple sucker. Sometimes they’re out of pineapple, though and he has to accept a lemon sucker instead.

The Lesson: You can be the kindest, hardest working, {insert additional adjective here} person in the world and sometimes life will still give you lemon suckers. Be your truest self anyway because the real reward comes from doing your best, even in the face of temptation (sugar or otherwise).

Are You God?

While attending a first communion service, my son tugged at my sleeve and proclaimed that he needed to go potty. Upon exiting the bathroom, we ran headlong into the priest, dressed in floor-length, flowing vestments. My son looked up at him in awe and asked: “Are you God?

The Lesson: Are you spending time with people you don’t like or on things that really aren’t important to you? What (or who) have you mistaken for your “God”? If it won’t matter in a hundred years, maybe it’s not so important after all.