Some understanding of Rasa_Core_SDK

Ellery Leung
Jan 11 · 1 min read

Lots of details below will refer to Rasa Demo.

What is rasa_core_sdk truly did? How to make rasa_core to use actions?

rasa_core_sdk is used to define different actions, which can be used as a “server” to accept request from rasa_core when an actions is triggered.

This is how rasa_core connects to/uses rasa_core_sdk , through his endpoint.yml. (This kind of connection did not CLEARLY mentioned in Rasa Demo Doc).

To start an action server with multiple actions: python -m rasa_core_sdk.endpoint --cors --actions actions given that actions is a directory with a lot of *.py files for different actions.

What is rasa_core_sdk.endpoint? What rasa_core_sdk.endpoint does?

endpoint can be seen as a URL/Server that can receive and return data. “Defining an endpoint” means setting up a URL/Server that receive/return data.

So when you see python -m rasa_core_sdk.endpoint --actions actions in rasa doc, it means that you are going to set up a URL/Server for actions. Default port is 5055.

It is not mentioned in Rasa Doc, but it is said in rasa_core_sdk Github Repo here.

Are there any other functions defined in rasa_core_sdk? How to know what are those functions and what each function is doing?

Here is a list of rasa_core_sdk.*

Since it is the source code, you can easily see what functions are available and how to use it.