Olivia Bohringer

Time is relative according to Olivia Bohringer. She quantifies her time in a sense of how much she’s enjoying it. Although she knows that her time is not infinite, she spends it doing things that make her happy or aid in her further advancement.

Olivia, a sophomore at Marquette, is furthering her education to better herself. When looking into Olivia’s identity further, first she addressed what identity is. Olivia sees identity as a way to differentiate from others. Further, she sees identity as “the parts of yourself that you choose to embrace.”

In an evaluation of her identity, she revealed that people are based on differences. Olivia herself considers herself different from the rest of society because she is more driven than most. Also she factors her unique upbringing and interests into determining who she is.

While Olivia has different priorities and motives than others, she still considers herself an active part of society. She feels constrained by societal demands such as the pressure to gain a higher education and manipulate that into a career. On the other hand, she finds freedom in a sense that she is making the choice herself to give into these demands.

Olivia is concerned with bettering herself as well as gaining happiness and promoting it to others. To her, that means acting upon what drives each person and helping them fulfill that desire.

Overall, throughout Olivia’s 18 years, she has gained a sense of identity and purpose in herself.