Where do you go to study?

In the rare occasion I’m studying outside of my cave (a.k.a. my top bunk paired with four inches of memory foam) you will find me in the Raynor library basement, Memorial second floor, or half circle couch in the law cafe.

For the majority, I study in my bed. In my opinion it is the best studying option around. However it is probably not my best studying habit. It’s all fun and games until my 8:40 a.m. alarm is going off for class and I wake up 3 pages into the chapter I was reading the night before.

My best studying actually happens in one of the three libraries. Something about being surrounded around people studying hard makes me study harder. My library preference varies on a daily basis depending on what I want to get out of my study session.

When my workload is fairly light or I’m writing papers rather than reading, I favor the Raynor basement. Why? Mostly because every table has a plug and I wont have to fight for a plug or move when my laptop dies. Also, it’s quiet so I can focus.

Memorial is where I do my intense studying. Something about the bright light, book stacks and uncomfortable chairs get me into a studying mood. When I am there I typically have an exam in the near future.

My favorite place (other than my bed), is the law school. Its like the Google headquarters of the Marquette libraries. The law school fosters an environment for comfortable studying alone or with groups. Realistically can anyone turn down the swivel chairs? Typically when I study there, it is with a group of friends at the half circle couch in the tory hill cafe. The law school environment is good for my study habits because its quiet but you can still take study breaks without getting glared at for talking above a whisper.

A consistent factor in my studying no matter where I am is my music playlist. When I study I like to listen to John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz and Dave Matthews. Also, I love to be comfortable when I’m studying which results in leggings and a sweatshirt being my standard library attire.

When I’m uncomfortable while I’m studying I tend to let that be my main focus. I do my best studying in a comfortable environment tailored to my studying needs.

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