Unit 1 Blog Post

Throughout reading this section I was able to learn and understand all the different ways that people interact with eachother and how what they are doing reflects onto others and changes society as a whole. The study of sociology is a broad overall understanding of so many different theories like the therory of confict that I agree with immensely just because it shows how much people radiate off of finding a way to find a conflict in most situations.

Karl Marx brought this idea into the heads of humans around 1848 when he wrote Communist Manifesto. This completely rejected Comte’s idea of positivism becasue it was more focused on how social standards are more focused on the domination a d power side of things rather than conformity. “Marx predicted the inequlaities of capitalism would become so extreme that workers would revolt” (2015). He predicted this because of the way he perceived society, by thinking that everyone wants power. If one person is going to overrule another at one point the other side will revolt because that is just how the human brain works.

“Marx believed that communism was a more equitable system than capitalism”(2015). This is where I vear away from Marx a little bit is because I do believe that the brain will always look for a system like communism but it is not that I think that is what should happen. Humans are always causing problems, which in turn is why it is the theory of conflict. Everyone wants to be the higher power but not everyone is going to be able to. Yes, i believe our brains work in this manner but that does not mean it is alright in any way.

If it were not for scientists like Marx our society would not be more open minded to these ideas and in turn there would not be a basis of what we need to change from. Without these theories in the air there would not be open minded people that want to change. That is why I do agree with Marx theory that humans are always striving for power and a way to cause conflict with every scenario. However now that our eyes are opened up to this theory it shows us more so how not to act, leading towards more theories arise.

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