Unit 5

2paragraphs:Thinkaboutthedifferenttypesofsocietieswelearnedabout. Wouldyourather live in any of the previous societies rather than our current type of society? If so, why? If not, what about current society do you think is better than before?
1 paragraph: Choose one of the four types of alienation described by Marx and write about how you experience that alienation in your own life.
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1 paragraph: Describe some of the statuses that you occupy in your lives. Which of these are ascribed statuses and which are achieved statuses and why?

Society is a complex aragnment of status marks that humans make up in their mind to “fit in”. In past socitiets it was more of a norm to travel around and not settle because of new discoveries, hard times, or better places to live. In the time of hunter and gatherers there was a lot of movement as well as a lot of hardships. It would be nice to live in a time where your relied on do little and everything was so much simpler in terms of technology and social groups. However being able to stay in one house for most of my life, having the luxury to travel easily, and going to a grocery store to get whatever food I feel like is a very nice lifestyle.

Todays society requires a lot less work in terms of having to scanvenge for our needs, but instead we now search more for our wants. The only thing we really have to work for to make it in todays society is money, and in my opinion that is much easier than having to go out on and possibly not coming back with a meal. It is nice having the technology to take care of all of your needs and then you can focus more on the wants of life. There is a lot more controversy in todays society, but I would have to say that especially being a women, that I am very happy I live in post industrial rather than the hunter and gatherer time.

Marx third theory of alienation is the one I connect to the best because it is the alienation of a worker from himself as a producer. “To Marx, this human essence was not separate from activity or work, nor static, but includes the innate potential to develop as a human organism” (2016). This meaning we take on so many activities in our day to fit in and make ourselves what we like to think as useful in society. This gives a human the sense of interconnection and sense of belonging. For example I go about life finding activities to keep me occupied and stay social. I play sports, further my education, all while trying to juggle a job. This is how I feel like I am making a difference in society.

Finally. I obtain many statuses in my life that include family, friends, and some of the activites I do. My ascribed status incude where i belond in my family and that includes being a sister, daughter, niece, and granddaughter. These are just as important as the ones I have worked for as well which include who my friends are and what my social status is. Also with sports I have had to work towards earning all the rewards a have gotten and earning those that status.

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