Sample Facebook and Twitter Responses to the NFL Protests

Ashley Oxendine

There has been a lot of conversation on different social media platforms such as twitter and Facebook, mostly on twitter, about NFL players, the NFL Commissioner and the president, Donald Trump. There have been some individuals who think that NFL players kneeling for the National Anthem is extremely disrespectful and there are some that do not think that Donald Trump should have any input as to whether or not what happens to a player if they do kneel. Some teams have made rules as to what happens when a player kneels for example;

The protest began because of one individual, Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers, last season. He was protesting to voice his opinion on police brutality. Donald Trump believes that the NFL owners should fire players who disrespect our flag. Some may think that players such as Kaepernick are disrespecting the flag but that is not his intention. He is simply using his voice to protest police brutality. Donald Trump also suggest that fans should boycott NFL games if the players do not stand for the National Anthem. According to the Cato Institute Poll, 61 percent of Americans say players in the NFL should not be fired for kneeling, while some fans and businesses have said otherwise. Below is Donald Trump’s original tweet and a player’s response to what Donald Trump had to say.

The real Donald Trump:

Minnesota Vikings, Bishop Sankey, Running back:

In response to Trump’s tweet, #boycottnfl was created. This is one of the newest hashtags happening on twitter. We are unsure if this boycott has anything to do with what Trump has said. About ten percent of NFL TV ratings are down. Papa John’s CEO even said that since the protest, the sales have really dropped, so their ads were pulled from the NFL. He also believes the protest should have been stopped a year ago, when it began. Individuals are also encouraging other companies to follow in the footsteps of Papa Johns. There have been refunds on NFL TV packages, especially with DirecTV, some bars have stopped airing the games, and individuals are burning season tickets and team gear.

Actor and producer, James Woods:

Khadrice Rollins wrote an article comparing each game since the season began. He plans to update it, as the protest and games continue for the remainder of the season. The list contains the players and teams who protest as well as those that do not. There were three games during which a player kneeled and no one from the opposing team did. One team had two players raise a fist during the national anthem and the opposing team did not protest. There have been several games where neither team protested.

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