The Musical Response to the NFL Protests

Brianna Forney

As we are all aware, Colin Kaepernick’s choice to kneel during the national anthem has caused a major uproar in this country. While some believe protesting is our right as Americans, simply one practicing our freedom of speech, others believe it is flat out disrespect. Disrespect to our country, police officers, the President, and those who fought and still fight for our country.

Though many are against Kaepernick, there are many who stand behind him. These people range from everyday citizens to news stations to movie stars and the list goes on. The supporters I am going to talk about today are the musicians. Though the artists run a risk of not having their songs played on the radio or videos shown on tv, they still speak out. They are exhibiting courage when they take the side of a man who is shamed by what seems to be half the country. They are praised and bring awareness to those who may not know otherwise. Musicians will be the voice for those who are told not to have a voice if they want to keep their jobs. Each of the musicians that stand behind Kaepernick demonstrates their support in various ways. Some take to twitter, some write songs, some make a speech, while others take the symbolic approach by wearing his jersey during performances.

Pictured above is J. Cole wearing Kaepernick’s jersey during one of his performances. He is not the only celebrity to support Kaepernick in this manner. Trey Songz has also been seen wearing the jersey of Kaepernick during one of his concerts.

Not only are citizens and veterans weighing in on the topic, the president of the United States has made sure Kaepernick and everyone else knows where he stands. Through twitter and other sources, he has called the player out and all others who are following in his pathway. Which leads to one of the most recent and talked about stances which was taken by rapper, Eminem. A little snippet from his rap reads:

Cause to him you’re zeros

’Cause he don’t like his war heroes captured

That’s not disrespecting the military

F — that! This is for Colin, ball up a fist!

And keep that s — balled like Donald the bitch!

Eminem’s “lyrical tirade” against Donald Trump

Pictured below is another way musicians are getting behind Kaepernick and his movement. Stevie wonder and his musicians take a knee on stage in front of millions during a performance.

And just to mention a few other musicians who have made it clear either through song, symbolism, or tweets, there is, Trey Songz, Lupe Fiasco, Chuck D, John Legend, T.I., Chris Brown, Carlos Santana.

Source: “Musicians Who Stand Behind Quarterback-Turned-Activist Colin Kaepernick: J. Cole, T.I., Chuck D & More”

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