You Say You Want To Be Happy, But Be Honest: You Want To Be Wealthy
Ester Bloom

Maybe specifically calling out women for wanting to be “rich” is because we have so much responsibilities that being more than financially secure is a dream. We want to send our kids to the best schools, give them lessons in extracurriculars that they enjoy, and not worry about it. I know my mother certainly did. Dads aren’t always thinking about those things. At the same time, she made sacrifices for it. Like many women, she enjoys shopping. To afford my extracurricular classes, she had to cut down on things she can buy. I know it sounds very shallow, but I see it with a lot of my friends and their mothers. Like one of my friend’s mother only bought one name brand bag a year even though she could afford more, but she didn’t because she wanted to pay for my friend’s college tuition without her taking loans. But her father suddenly decided to buy a really expensive motorcycle, just ‘cus and it really annoyed her mother. That universal desire to be rich is so we can stop sacrificing and make everyone in our lives and ourself happy-at least that’s how I see it.

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