Sometimes we have limitation in life and can’t handle it. Every morning when I open my eyes, I want to go to a hidden place. I don’t want to meet everyone and talk about someone’s life. I don’t want to walk with my girls and they talk about their stories, about handsome boy and everything about love. When I listen to it, I feel hard and heartbreaking. In other time, I don’t want to meet other guy. Why? Because I’m not ready to start a new chapter with a man who can’t be a leader for his life.

Life is about a process. You take it or leave it, or you don’t care anymore. When you open the door, you must receive someone to come. When you get more time in life, you can explore what you want to do. When you have many friends in life, you can feel grateful. But when you have badness in life, you must ready to be abandoned. Don’t expect too much with human, even there is your family. Human is just a human. They are accustomed to judge everything.

I know, God is always ready for our future. We can wait on God, and He will work in our life. To wait is not just to sit down and wait miracle from heaven, but we must be sensitive with what God wants to tell us. I’m trying to connect with God in every step from my activity, in my work place, my social life, my love life, and my family. But, now I really want to go to a hidden place, even God doesn’t know where I am. Is that wrong?