On how I will become a boring designer.

I am not like all of those designers out there that seem to know everything about absolutely everything in design, I realized about a week ago what UX and UI were (actually, I did know what UI was, but not the extension of it completely) and I still don’t quite know what a startup is, I am just a graphic design student living in 2016 and looking around like a deer in the headlights.

But somehow I know I will become a “boring designer”.

My design is not “good design” since that is something completely subjective, but I have the feeling the kinds of things I seem to personally feel drawn to fall under what’s considered “good design” nowadays, or what I call “2015 design” which, for me, is something like… you know, simple yet interesting, very geometric and straight forward, with safe colors and structured perfectly to the last piece. I simply love what’s going on in the design world right now, I honestly feel like this is my moment, I don’t like edgy things and vibrant colors, I like simplicity and, let’s say, comfort.

As an aspiring designer I wish to develop a personal style, even while working with clients (which I barely have) and that style is just neat and… boring.

Before you tell me something like “There is no boring design” or “Current design is not boring” let me tell you that I know that, I use the word boring because in the global design… scene? I don’t know how to call it, there seems to be a covention on what “good design” is, and I’m not particularly part of that global scene, I live in a country where graphic design is so overlooked, we struggle to even have a local designer community, and I don’t feel like part of anything over here, but I think I can say that nowadays, geometric, neat, simple, dull-colored and safe design is “good”.

Some people say “Why are we being so boring?”, “Why do we all design in he same way?”, “Why is everything grey and blue and black and sans and light?”, well, the answer to that… I do not have it, it simply seems to match how sleek everything around us looks, or perhaps designers made everything sleek once and now most designs try to be just that for a while longer, because I am convinced the world is hooked on sleek design.

I like sleek.

In fact, I love sleek. I love simple lines, I love geometric shapes, I love plain colors or harmonious gradients, I love chromatic analogies and desaturated colors, I love grey, I seriously love grey to the point it worries me I will lose my ability to create for the client instead of for myself before I even graduate. I love Josef Müller-Brockmann’s grid system and I obssessively and neatly arrange absolutely everything according to a grid. I hate slab serifs because they’re just so chunky all the time, I have a strong tendency to choose a cold color palette and I simply can’t stand anything outside all of this.

I am a student, I still have much to learn and I know many of you are truly advocate about what the client or the project needs at all times, and I can have my mind on all of that too, but in the personal aspect, as the craft I want to call mine, I have started developing my own sense of designing and my own ways.

You are always told that, as a designer you must think about the problem, or the need and find a solution to it, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a personal choice, in fact, to me, our own development should show through everything we work on, that way people will hire us for who we are and not to be who they want us to be.

That’s when I read articles that encourage designers to be who they truly are instead of what the enviroment is currently expecting from us, but then, I would still be designing with simplicity, low saturation, greys and sans serif typefaces, flat backgrounds, flat everything, geometric shapes and a strict grid system with nothing out of place or being overly flashy. I would design like all of those copycats that go with the flow instead of innovating, I would do that “2015 design”, because it’s what I feel most comfortable and drawn to. I like that stuff, I will become one of those.

I will become a boring designer, and it will be just my thing.

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