Addiction: Common Misconceptions Debunked.

My name is — and I am an alcoholic. Many of you may have heard this statement in T.V shows or movies where the characters, usually in jail, attend AA meetings.

Alcoholism is a symptom of a mental and physiological illness called addiction. Addiction is thankfully being discussed more regularly…

David Angel Jnr’s. mother Maria, lives in a blue town house in Oaxaca. Years ago, David Jnr. and his younger brother Miguel helped their father David Snr., paint the outside of the house. This was long before David Snr. passed away. When Maria and David Snr. were courting they sat…

Does the ethnicity of the author matter?

Fiction writing entangled in identity politics is no new phenomenon. In 2016, Calvin Trillin’s Chinese food poem ‘Have they run out of provinces yet?’ caused a stir between those who recognised it as a poorly written attempt at satire; poet Jenny Zhang said: ‘Don’t say “it’s self-aware parody!” just say…

Elle Van Dan

Elle: Writer, Educator and life-long student

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