“Bread in Captivity”

I know that’s not how ‘bred’ should be spelled. It’s the answer to the shirt. It also is a way to put the idea out into the ethos. We are all ‘bred in captivity’. How so?

I subscribe to the theory that I am the descendant of a conquered people. Those that were conquered, were enslaved and the descendants of those conquered were thus, born in captivity. I look at how the population of the North American continent has been intentionally altered in order for the wealthy to prosper. I watch how the conditions perfect for ‘human breeding’ (i.e. sending 18 year olds off to live with each other, in a strange land to make life altering decisions) seem to haphazardly keep appearing for us all and, as if coaxed, we often end up trapped in a financial imprisonment ironically financially benefiting the descendants of those that conquered my forefathers. We are bred in captivity…are we not?

“Bread in captivity.” If we think of ‘bread’ as an euphemism for money, the correct spelling of the word was actually used. I find my activities in this society often unlock my value in monetary terms for those that benefit from the oppressive traditions of this society’s systems I find myself at the will of. Are we not then, bread in captivity?

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