How to Recover Deleted Messages from WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become a popular way of communicating with family members, friends, and loved ones. Whether you want to send short messages, have a chat, or make a phone call, WhatsApp offers the best option because it uses the Internet connection of your phone in order to operate. In short, as long as you have Internet access, you can use it to communicate. This means that users are now relying on WhatsApp most of the time in sending text messages, chatting, and making calls fo free.

Nowadays, text messages are not just sent for keeping updates with people you know but they are also used to share vital information such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers, or transaction codes for money transfer transactions. These information is important because without them, you cannot make any transactions. Accidentally deleting the message before you have copied the numbers or used them can be frustrating. It could mean asking the sender or the code but what if he or she has deleted it already? You would have difficulty finding it especially if the sender resides in a far away place.

Messages sent or received in WhatsApp are automatically stored so that you can use them for future reference. You can easily read them again anytime you want, unless they have been accidentally deleted. This incident can be frustrating especially for messages that contain vital information. Some mobile phone users get frustrated when this happens because they think that the message is gone forever but this is not true. You can still recover deleted messages in your WhatsApp as long as they have not been overwritten yet. To prevent overwriting, stop receiving messages the moment you discover that some of your messages have been accidentally deleted. This is because if the memory of your phone is already full, old messages are automatically discarded to give room to new ones.

To recover deleted messages from WhatsApp, you can use Android Data Recovery Tool, the powerful software that is used to recover deleted messages. Before you can use this software, download and install it to a computer first. After the program is launched, connect your mobile phone to the computer using a USB cable. Debug your USB device first so that your mobile phone will be detected. A window will pop up showing your mobile phone. If you want to recover a message, go t WhatsApp messages. Then, highlight the message that you want to get back. After highlighting, click the recover button. Wait for the task to be done before disconnecting your device. It will be good for you to create backup to all your WhatsApp messages so that you can easily get them back just in case they are accidentally deleted.

Android Data Recovery can also be used to restore contact list, call history, and other files that you keep in your mobile device. It is easily affordable and many users consider it worth their money. For quick recovery of deleted WhatsApp messages, Android Data Recovery is your best option.

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