I’m Suspicious of Male “Feminists” — And You Should Be Too
Alicen Grey

The link above is not about men who are weak, but about a cousin to the ‘strawman’ argument. It’s really interesting, and I think some of the arguments here fit into that category.

I don’t think ‘men get hurt by patriarchy too’ suggests that men have to be affected before women are considered (although that can, of course, be the case with some men). I see it as a move towards a mutual, engaging and adult discussion in society about the damage done by the cultural paradigm of ‘masculinity’. That is not just perpetrated by men, but also to them — and can be perpetrated by women as well. I would say the majority of men I know have compromised who they are, some spending their whole life on a path they would never have personally chosen, just because it was ‘expected’ of them within the culture, just as I know women who have found it extremely difficult to be their true selves because of expectations built into patriarchal culture. So why not talk about it together instead of drawing more dividing lines and stoking more anger?

Men may have more advantages in many ways in our society — and believe me, I am increasingly bored of the rank entitlement I experience in many situations, never mind the misogyny — but to set up a situation where we deal with ‘women’s issues’ as if they are part of a completely different problem seems counterproductive to me.

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